Make Ice Cream Pouches for On-The-Go Desserts


Mess-free, on-the-go packaging is a popular choice for those with small children or who have a packed schedule. By tearing or unscrewing a replaceable cap, there is a ready-made snack for people of any age. Think of squeezable applesauce or yogurt. 

Well, now that convenience is available for ice cream. Have you heard of milkshake pouches? 

Ice cream pouches are single servings of soft-serve ice cream or milkshakes. Kept in the freezer until the craving hits you; the ice cream is supposed to be smooth enough to drink immediately. Just twist off the cap and squeeze. 

Of course, you can always make ice cream in a bag. In a small (quart) plastic bag, mix 1 cup of half-and-half, 2 tablespoons of granulated sugar, and 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract. Push out air and seal the bag well. Fill a large (gallon) plastic bag with 3 cups of ice and 1/3 cup of salt. Place a smaller bag inside and seal. Shake vigorously for 5 minutes. Remove the inner bag and add your favorite toppings. Voila! Suddenly, you have single-serve vanilla ice cream. For the ice cream pouch experience, just leave in the bag. You can even add a milkshake straw for ice cream in a bag similar to soft serve options. 

Or freeze squeezable yogurt for a creamy snack. Simply choose from the options on the dairy aisle and place in the freezer for your next craving. The fruity flavors of yogurt pouches and tubes will provide a delicious, almost indulgent option once pulled from the freezer. You’ll be hailed as a genius for your easy dessert. 

With these easy-to-serve dairy desserts, you can indulge in these delicious options regardless of if you have time to sit down for 5 minutes or 5 seconds. Grab an ice cream pouch for your summer plans. 

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