Make Spooky, Kiddie Charcuterie

Charcuterie boards are a fun way to design and serve appetizers. Using a variety of cheeses, meats, fruit, and more, charcuterie is easy to customize according to the occasion. For showers, dinner parties, or a snack, cheese boards are a trendy, tasty choice. 

But charcuterie isn’t only for grown-ups. Design a cheese board the kids can enjoy for Halloween! Whether it’s used for a pre-trick-or-treat snack or a night of Halloween movies, themed snacks will be easy with these ideas. 

Using the orangish tinge of cheddar cheese in your design, make a giant jack-o-lantern charcuterie. Use red grapes or blackberries to create the mouth and triangular eyes and nose. Then fill the round cheeseboard with rows of sliced cheddar cheese and crackers. For variety, you can include sliced carrots or orange bell peppers with a cheesy dip. Fill out the edges of your board with your choice of meats, rolled and tucked slightly underneath your cheese “pumpkin” design. 

Southeast Dairy Association - chocolate milk

Even if you want to design a more traditional charcuterie, you can still add fun Halloween themes the kids will love. Cut and shape brie into a spooky creature, like a skull or a ghost. Peel and slice oranges, placing them together to look like pumpkins. Dip pretzel rods in yogurt and attach edible eyes for a mummy. Ghoulish cheese sticks or “witch’s hat” cookies are a quick, filling addition you can scatter across the board. Help fill out your board with these must-haves for any charcuterie board made for kids. 

Once satisfied with your design, serve your spooky cheese board with a side of chocolate milk or hot chocolate. Now the kids can have a scary delicious snack this Halloween. Don’t be too afraid to join in on the fun. Your kiddie charcuterie has something for everyone. 

Happy Halloween! 

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