Meet Matti Coffey

Matti Coffey

In my earliest memories as a Kentucky girl, I remember milk being an essential part of family time. As a kid, I loved mixing milk with strawberry syrup and watching it turn pink. My grandparents would pour it into oatmeal the morning after we would spend the night and my dad would have a snack of milk and cornbread in the evenings. So any time I’m asked about my favorite dairy product, I don’t hesitate to say plain white milk! Currently, my husband and I are spending a lot of evenings baking and you just can’t beat a homemade chocolate chip with a glass of milk.

Who is Matti Coffey?

We live on a farm with our two dogs and farm life is not something I grew up in but married into. My eyes have been opened to animal care and how much farmers do that most people take for granted, like being good stewards of land and resources. We raise angus cows and I help my husband feed in the evenings, but my job is to mostly help count the herds and check fences–lots and lots of fences!

I am a Registered Dietitian and I work with the Youth Wellness team covering the state of Kentucky. I help school districts have all the resources they need when it comes to dairy and school meals. In my previous job as an Extension Agent, I learned the importance of connecting farmers to their customers and communities. With The Dairy Alliance, I feel that representing dairy farmers to our next generation is such an honor because I get to educate them on where milk comes from, and all the great work farmers do every day!

Matti Coffey, MDA, RD, LD

Matti Coffey joined The Dairy Alliance in November of 2022. She graduated from Eastern Kentucky University with a Bachelor’s in General Dietetics. Matti completed a Distance Learning Dietetic Internship through Utah State University with a focus in school nutrition. She then became a Registered Dietitian and completed her Masters in Dietetic Administration through Utah State University. Matti’s career background includes being a cooperative extension agent for several years, as well as a health coach. Matti lives in Kentucky with her husband and in her spare time, she likes to garden, take care of the farm with her husband, and travel to the happiest place on earth!

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