Meet Sarah Hester

sarah hester

In high school, my family began tending to a yearly garden allowing me to see the connection between hard work, patience, soil, and most excitingly… the delicious fruits of our labor! As home gardeners and farmers can both understand, I felt the urge to share what I was learning about growing food and our bounty with others. Being able to grow your own food and provide nutrition for others is such a gift.

Sarah Hester, Registered Dietician

With my love of learning about food sparked, I decided to study nutrition in college. I earned a bachelor’s and master’s degree in food and nutrition, followed by my Registered Dietitian credential.

I’ve absolutely fallen in love with the field of nutrition and how vast it is! I’ve become connected in my local food system by meeting farmers, volunteering on their operations, and working with organizations addressing food waste, school nutrition, and nutrition literacy.

In my opinion, food and nutrition is a common ground that connects us all and I’m excited every day to work in this field. I realize how hard farmers work to ensure our safe and abundant food supply and I am honored to work on their behalf, promoting dairy’s important role in human nutrition and the health of our planet.

Sarah Hester, MS, RD

Sarah joined The Dairy Alliance in January. Sarah was born, raised, and still resides just outside of Raleigh, North Carolina, and has earned her bachelor’s degree in Food & Nutrition, a master’s degree in Nutrition with a concentration in Food Systems, and her Registered Dietitian credential all from Meredith College. Sarah is a wife and new mom that loves to spend her time with her family. Even though she is crunched for time with a little one, she still enjoys cooking and trying new recipes in the kitchen!

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