Milk is Integral During Hunger Action Month

milk jugs

September marks Hunger Action Month across the country and in the Southeast alone, we have more than 8.6 million food-insecure people, including families and children. This staggering number puts our region at a 17.5 percent food insecurity rate, as compared to the lower national rate of 15.8 percent.

Food insecurity is especially near and dear to our dairy farm families because one of the most requested items in food banks is milk. However, it is rarely donated. In fact, the average food bank recipient receives an average of one gallon of milk per year. However, in order to meet the recommended three servings of milk per day, they would need more than a gallon per week.

With a glass of milk providing nine essential nutrients, including calcium, potassium, vitamin D and protein, it’s no wonder that this nutritional powerhouse is in demand.

You can help feed families in need in your community by visiting and donating as little as $5.00 toward a gallon of milk.

LanierLanier Dabruzzi, MS, RD, LD

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