Milk Puts the “Pro” in (Daily) Protein

Daily protein

Are you getting enough daily protein? Imagine you walk into your favorite team’s weight room. You see massive squat racks, rows of shiny dumbbells, and thirty spin bikes. Athletes are squatting two times their body weight. A team sprints down the strip of turf. You turn the corner and see “Fuel Bar” illuminated behind a stainless-steel counter. There are shelves of whey protein bars and fruit, fridges full of milk, protein shakes, cottage cheese, and string cheese–the staples of nearly every Fuel Bar, or Fuel Station.

So why are these milk-based products Fuel Bar staples?

Daily protein.

Why is Daily Protein Important?

Athletes need protein in higher amounts than the general population and it is especially important to get it in after a training session. Milk and milk-based protein drinks are great post-training options because they are easy to drink and their liquid form helps deliver the protein to the muscles quickly to jumpstart recovery. Training, especially lifting weights, places large amounts of stress on muscles and other tissues, essentially damaging tissue in hopes that the body will rebuild that tissue back bigger, stronger, or both. Protein is vital to that rebuilding process and repairing the “damage” done. Without protein, muscles and other tissues would not be able to effectively recover and rebuild. When choosing a protein, it’s essential to select a complete protein, meaning it has each of the amino acids that your body needs from food. Milk is a complete protein, making it a great choice to repair your muscles and body after exercise!

Protein is also an important player in the immune system. Athletes train for hours a day between practice, lift, conditioning, and individual sessions. Add in school, work, or both, and it’s easy to see how the immune system gets taxed. Recovering with proper nutrition helps the immune system recover and strengthen over time. Drinking milk is an easy way to get in protein, vitamins, and minerals to keep an athlete’s immunity resilient throughout the year.

If you’re an athlete or just trying to optimize your health, support your performance, recovery, and immunity by drinking milk or a milk-based beverage after a training session and throughout the day!

Emily Lepping is a Performance Dietitian for baseball, volleyball, field hockey, and track and field, entering her 5th year at the University of Louisville. She is also the co-founder of AMBIT Health and Performance, an online nutrition and fitness coaching business. She is passionate about helping people become their most confident selves through food and fitness. In her spare time, you can find Emily playing with her rescue pup, meditating, lifting weights, and enjoying delicious food and drink.

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