Milk These 3 Fun Activities for Kids

Now that one school year is over and another waits to begin, there are summer days to fill with fun and stimulating activities. Not every moment can be filled through weekend trips to the aquarium, playdates and daycare, or entreaties of perhaps a nice nap?, though. For those moments, why not look to how milk can help? 

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Of course, there’s always an ice cream run or a movie with a yogurt smoothie snack. In addition to enjoying the taste of delicious dairy, let the kids try these fun activities that use milk in unexpected ways. 

Churn Out the Butter 

No, your kids won’t have arms the size of your head after churning butter for hours. Instead, pour whipping cream into a jar, filling about half of the jar, screw the lid on tight, and have them shake vigorously for 10 minutes, taking breaks to see it turn into butter. Help rinse the butter before continuing. Kids can then work salt, cheese, or herbs into the butter, form a fun shape like a heart or a perfect circle, and spread their homemade butter onto their next meal. 

Discover the Farm Through Stories 

It’s important for children to have an idea of where their food originates. Introduce life on the dairy farm through fun books you can read together, enjoying silly stories about farmers and their animals. There are plenty of educational books, like Tales of the Dairy Godmother: Chuck’s Ice Cream Wish, that give an overview of how some of children’s favorite foods come into existence.  

Create a Milk Masterpiece 

Those familiar with magic milk know that it’s an easy craft with beautiful results. By adding food coloring to a bowl of milk, children can see what happens when dish soap tries to attach to the milkfat, creating fireworks wherever it comes in contact with the milk. For those bursts of color worthy of a place on the refrigerator, transfer the art from bowl to paper. (Use a tray instead of a bowl with just enough milk to cover the bottom for an easier transfer.) Once the kids are satisfied with their creation, place a sheet of paper over the design and press it down into the milk. Remove the paper and allow it to dry before displaying the artwork for all to see on their next trip to the kitchen. 

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