Mother’s Day Ideas for Every Type of Mom

Mother’s Day happens every year, but knowing what to get mom doesn’t seem to get any easier. As a new mom who just joined the club, I have new intel on what moms really want: quality time without the burden of planning, prepping, and cleaning up meals and associated activities. Here are a few ideas depending on what your mom likes.

The Outdoorsy Mom. If your mom’s idea of a good time is a hike in the mountains, then your job is easy! Find an interesting trail nearby that the whole family can do. Tell her the night before you have a fun day planned and pack a lunch with easy nutrient-dense foods like these Maple Spiced Snack Bars made with Greek yogurt.

The Chill Mom. Hiking isn’t for all moms… maybe being pampered with a spa day and a fancy beverage is more her style? Set up the bathroom with a surprise bubble bath, comfy robe, and a new book. You can give her some uninterrupted time to herself while you prepare post-soak Acai Milk Tea Lattes to enjoy together afterward.

Southeast Dairy Association - Mini Dutch Babies

The Foodie Mom. Does your mom read cookbooks and spend hours perfecting the menu for gatherings? Treating mom to some unique ingredients and flavors may be the way to go for her! Visit a local creamery that makes its own ice cream or cheese. Or, give the chef a break and serve a “mom’s meal” full of all of mom’s favorite flavors. Mix and match a few of her favorite takeout dishes with something homemade like these Mini Dutch Babies. Just don’t forget to clean up after!

Mothers do so much. Take some time to give them a break and make them feel special this Mother’s Day. Check out our recipes for even more ideas for spoiling your mom.

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