New Treat Alert: Ice Cream and Fruit Roll-Ups?

As summer creeps around the corner, we are finding new ways to make our favorite summer treats more interesting. This is perfect for anybody who has a sweet tooth but also wants a crunch for their late-night snack. TikTok is always surprising us with the newest trends, like the famous butter boards, and this time it brought us the traditional summertime treat of ice cream and paired it with the classic Fruit Roll-Ups that you loved growing up. This trend is not only tasty, but it has a unique crunching sound as you bite into it. Yes, a crunch! The ice cream hardens the fruit roll up and turns it into a crunchy candy burrito.

How to make it

This will be one of the easiest desserts you make! Just simply roll out the Fruit Roll-Up completely out of the plastic wrap and lay it flat. Then, place a scoop of your favorite ice cream in the middle and roll it up like a small burrito. When you take a bite, the ice cream melts on your tongue and the Fruit Roll-Up shatters in your teeth. As you chew, another exciting texture change occurs, and the hardened gummy candy reverts to its original, chewier, stretchier form. You will notice the Roll-Up becomes chip-like and crunchy as you bite into it. This will instantly become your favorite snack this summer!

Want to make them in bulk? Unwrap four (or more) Fruit Roll-Ups, lay them on a small sheet tray, and fill them there. Once they’re rolled and ready, place the entire sheet tray in the freezer for 30 minutes until the ice cream has set, then drop them all into a zip-top freezer bag. This is perfect for hosting a summer party for the kids. What makes this even better, is that this treat is super versatile and you can even get creative and use other ice cream flavors!

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