October is Getting Chili

Southeast Dairy Association - south of the border chili

This October, celebrate National Chili Month with the easy and enduring fall meal: chili. Make a chili filled with beans, peppers, tomatoes, spices, and LOTS of cheese to enjoy as the days get shorter. Whether you make a warming black bean chili or a heartier chili with more beef, you’ll feel cozy and ready to wind down with each bite you take. 

But there are other details when it comes to your meal that will show off the beauty of a bowl full of chili.  

Of course, any chili you make must be topped with cheese and sour cream, though Greek yogurt is a suitable alternative. Otherwise, you cannot dare to call your meal “chili.”  

And you must have a glass of milk on hand. Otherwise, you’ll discover how heavy-handed with the spices you are (and not experience the same filling, nap-inducing effects of a good chili and milk combination). 

Southeast Dairy Association - South of the Border Chili with Cheesy Corn Muffins

Additionally, you need a side that can be dipped into the chili or the last remnants of your meal. Cheddar Cornbread Squares will bring more of that Southwest flavor to your meal, but there are other classic inclusions. Cheesy corn muffins will do the trick if you’re worried about overpowering the beloved taste of cornbread. Potato cakes or corn fritters are perfect for sopping up chili without leaving behind crumbs. Adding crushed crackers brings that extra bit of crunch if you’re looking for lots of texture. Meanwhile, crispy on the outside, cheesy on the inside mini grit cakes are a great side to dip into chili while it’s still cooling; you won’t burn your mouth and you don’t have to be patient for a first taste. 

As if you needed a reason to relax and enjoy a night in, October offers the perfect excuse in a warm bowl of chili that will have you going back for seconds. Now pick the details that matter to you and start cooking.  

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