Our Featured Presentation: Drive-in Movie Day

Nostalgia runs rampant during the summer when the kids are home from school and the days together need to be filled. You don’t want to park yourselves at the couch all summer, so you turn to the past. It’s time for camping in the backyard (and sneaking back in three hours later), ice cream flavor experiments, and other childhood favorites to relive this summer vacation. 

If you’re looking for a fun activity for the family or an easy date night, celebrate National Drive-In Movie Day. Celebrated on the anniversary of the first drive-in theater opening of June 6, 1933, this national holiday provides a great opportunity to leave the house and still avoid crowds. 

To celebrate, you can still attend the local drive-in theatre and enjoy fresh popcorn as the audio plays over the radio. And for those who have to snack for prime movie enjoyment, you can sneak in some extra treats like the Grand Slam Snack Mix or homemade Herb Parmesan Crisps to pair with your popcorn.  

If the drive-in is too far away (or you’re not in the mood for the movies being screened), consider making a drive-in movie experience at home! Bluetooth speakers, a homemade shoebox phone projector, and a makeshift projector screen made of bedsheets provide all the technicalities of the drive-in experience. Next, park the pickup with plenty of blankets and pillows in the bed. Now all you need is a movie and audience! 

Southeast Dairy Association - cheese stuffed sliders

But if you’re making your own theatre, you can do as much as you want. Create a ticket stand by the backdoor to gather everyone when the setup is complete, taping up movie posters and showtimes to complete the look. During intermission, play vintage drive-in cartoons. Pull out the Christmas lights to reveal your tasty concession stand, with the menu and prices set by you. Serve up Cheesy Supreme Crustless Pizza or Cheese Stuffed Burger Sliders with Onion Jam. Fill the cooler with treats like different cokes in glass bottles or individual chocolate milks. With a freezer close by, you can even enjoy a scoop of Homemade Peach Ice Cream as the third act begins. It may not be authentic theatre food, but it is a delicious substitution! 

Go all out and celebrate the summer with a fun and tasty night at the drive-in. 

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