Pack the Perfect Picnic

Southeast Dairy Association - Muffuletta Sandwiches served with olive salad

Spring has officially sprung: the warm sunshine is starting to peep its way through the clouds, trees are showing off their fresh green leaves and, unfortunately for most, a thick layer of yellow pollen is coating all of the outside surfaces. While we battle our allergies, we can enjoy the spring season with an outdoor picnic. Follow these simple tips to ensure you pack the perfect picnic.

Ditch the Traditional Dishes

Looking for something outside the box? Put a twist on the standard picnic sides with our creamy avocado hummus, ham and cheese pops or roasted red pepper-feta dip. These all pack a nutritional punch.

Sandwiches are another picnic favorite, so be unique and have fun! Try our tasty bacon caprese sandwich or prepare our muffuletta sandwiches with olive salad the day before for a light but satisfying meal.

Keep your Dairy Products Chilled

Dairy products taste best when they have been kept at cooler temperatures, ideally under 40 degrees. You can use different tools such as insulated lunch containers, ice packs or thermoses to keep products cold on the go.

Don’t Forget the Basics

What would a picnic be without a blanket, a basket, and a nice breeze? While those three are ideal items to have for an outdoor meal, be sure to pack other important things like sunscreen, bug spray, plates and cutlery, kitchen towels and a trash bag. Remembering these essentials and healthy food items is a great start to an enjoyable and successful outing.

Whatever you may pack for your picnics this year, make sure it’s filled with friends, family and “dairy” good fun!

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