Peach Perfection

Southeast Dairy Association - Peachy Gouda and Ham Skewers Memorial Day menu

July is peak peach season and now is the perfect time to pick up some at your local market. When shopping, look for peaches that are vibrantly colored and give off a sweet fragrance. Also, be sure to give peaches a squeeze before eating them. If they give to the touch, they’re ripe and ready to be eaten. If they’re still firm, wait another day or two. Peaches become sweeter and juicier as they ripen.

Beyond their delicious flavor, peaches are packed with nutritional benefits. They’re a good source of vitamin A and C—antioxidants that help protect your eyesight, boost your immune system and prevent cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Add more peaches to your menu this summer with these three delicious recipes:

  • Blues Buster Peach Smoothie– This smoothie recipe combines peaches and blueberries, giving you a double dose of antioxidants. It’s also packed with protein thanks to both milk and Greek yogurt. If you have any ripe leftover peaches, slice and freeze them so you’ll always have some ready for the blender.
  • Peachy Gouda and Ham Skewers– Next time you have friends over for a cookout, try this easy-to-assemble appetizer. Pairing peaches with cheese will give you the ultimate sweet and savory combo. The recipe calls for Gouda cheese, but Edam, Havarti and mozzarella also work wonderfully.
  • Georgia Peach Preserves Sundae– Peaches and ice cream are a match meant to be. This recipe adds homemade pound cake to the duo, creating an irresistible dessert. The best part is that it’s lactose free, so everyone can enjoy it!

Laura Marbury, MS, RD, LDN

Laura Marbury

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