Peachy Treats Made With Real Milk

peachy treats with milk


This August, celebrate the final days of summer with peach treats. The peach season begins in mid-May and lasts until August, when peaches are at their peak.  Are you looking to make some peachy treats with milk for a rich, creamy flavor?

Why should I celebrate peaches? Everyone from the South knows why. Peaches are grown in several Southeastern states, not just Georgia, and the people love the fruit. After all, it is difficult to imagine summertime without a bite into ripe, juicy peaches. These peaches are bright and sweet, a juicy treat any Southerner will clamor for. 

And when you add in real milk, you have a sweet, creamy dish perfect for a snack on the porch. So before summer turns to fall, enjoy peaches with milk this August using these three recipes everyone will love. 

Peachy Treats with Milk

Southeast Dairy Association - Peach Cobbler
  • When the Georgia peach in your life comes to visit, serve this peach jezebel marinated cheese board in their honor. Offering a hot peach preserves jam with Havarti cheese, cheddar cheese, and Genoa salami all stacked on your choice of crackers or bread, this board packs lots of uncommon flavors for a peachy snack. 
  • Or try a family favorite. Nothing beats a warm scoop of peach cobbler topped with cold vanilla ice cream for the perfect balance of sweet and tangy flavors. No wonder Southerners celebrate peaches each year by baking the world’s largest peach cobbler with lots of butter and milk. The cinnamon and nutmeg in this cobbler recipe bring out that peach sweetness that causes a content sigh the moment you take that first bite. Yes, this is the peach cobbler you’ll be tempted to keep all to yourself. 
  • Peaches on the go? It is impossible to say no, especially with this smoothie. This fruity, protein-packed blueberry peach smoothie is sure to help you recharge and boost energy levels despite the summer heat. The smoothie is all sweetness, with the blueberries and peaches complemented with vanilla Greek yogurt and honey. Make it using fresh fruit this summer! 

Take time to enjoy peach treats made with real milk this August. You’ll feel just peachy. 

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