Where Would Pie Be Without Ice Cream?

The holidays are here, and so are the pies! Enjoy all the flavors fall has to offer for your Thanksgiving Day dinner and all the delicious meals made from the leftovers, ending each day with a slice of warm pie or sneaking in a slice mid-morning. Thanksgiving is the perfect opportunity to enjoy autumn’s warm spices before the sweeter, fruitier winter pies take over, so you must take full advantage of this simple but oh-so-tasty dessert.  

But what would a slice of Thanksgiving pie, or any pie, be without a scoop of ice cream? The flakey crust and delectable pie filling combined with a scoop of creamy ice cream is a match made in heaven. Pie on its own is a treat, but when combined with ice cream, it’s irresistible. If that alone isn’t a good enough reason to give in to the temptation, which it really should be, it’s also a great way to include more milk recipes on your holiday baking menu! 

Southeast Dairy Association - ice cream

Each carefully crafted pie deserves its own scoop of ice cream that complements its flavors. For example, while it is common to serve a piece of pumpkin pie with a dollop of whip cream, why not level up your pie game and serve it with a rich scoop of vanilla bean ice cream? Apple pie is typically served with a classic scoop of vanilla ice cream, but have you ever thought of using a caramel ice cream instead? Now, that’s one way to step up your pie game! But don’t stop there. A warm slice of pecan pie goes perfectly with a scoop of delectable maple walnut ice cream. For any chocolate flavored pies, try silky peanut butter ice cream for that wonderful peanut butter and chocolate combo.  

With so many flavors of pie and ice cream, the opportunity for delicious creations is endless. There are so many milk recipes to try! What dairy good foods will you be serving up this Thanksgiving? 

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