National Proofreading Day: Dairy, Not Diary

national proofreading day brainpower with dairy

We’ve all had that moment where “our Brian is off today” or we send an email wishing someone a “lonely day” despite our best efforts. Oops. 

Misspellings are a hassle for all. Sometimes our fingers fly too fast. Sometimes auto cucumber—er, autocorrect decides it knows best. Whatever the reason, it’s a head-thumping mistake we all mentally note to check for in the future. 

It makes no difference if it’s in a company-wide email or a group text with friends, you hold your breath when you find a mistake after hitting the send button. You scanned right over the word, mentally correcting it without realizing the mistake. If you aren’t fortunate enough to have your mistake ignored, the meaning of the message is entirely lost as others respond with laughing emojis or clever comebacks.  

Honoring National Proofreading Day

In honor of National Proofreading Day, remember to share your love of dairy, not diary. It may save you from an embarrassing, inefficient moment. 

Ah, yes, we all love a long sip of cold diary. While everyone can figure out what you mean, it’s a sign that you need a quick break. And dairy is here to help! 

How? Give your mind a chance to catch up while you provide your body the energy it needs to tackle those pesky spelling mistakes. Grab a quick snack of nuts and cheese cubes or blend together a four-ingredient Hawaiian Harvest Smoothie. You can get through your day without your palm being smacked into your forehead. 

Now, it’s back to typing. You’re on a roll, but you know to take a moment to look back at your message. You want to make sure everyone knows exactly what you mean and with the focus you need, you find that pesky typo before anyone else can know. And today, that message getting sent should be thankful for a break with dairy

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