Raise a Milk Glass For Registered Dietitian Day

registered dietitian day

During National Nutrition Month this year, March 11 recognizes those who educate the public on nutrition standards through Registered Dietitian Day. 

Registered Dietitian Day

As the nation’s food and nutrition experts, registered dietitians are committed to improving the health of their clients and communities. Celebrated since 2008, Registered Dietitian Day, also known as Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Day, honors the dedication of RDs as nutrition advocates each year on the second Wednesday in March. The day thanks RDs for their hard work, but it is also a day to recognize the scientific research used to better the health of their community. Others recognized on this day include nutrition and dietetic technicians. 

Make sure this March 11 to thank a registered dietitian for the work they do. Dietitians play a crucial role in the health industry. They have worked hard to obtain degrees in fields such as nutrition, dietetics, or public health and continue their education to remain up to date on the latest recommendations and options available. Working throughout the community in hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes, schools, gyms, universities, and private research groups, the food industry, and more, registered dietitians dedicate their careers to educating anyone who wants to improve their lifestyle. RDs are the nutrition experts who understand practical solutions for healthy living, using their expertise to help individuals make personalized lifestyle changes. People with heart disease, diabetes, as well as others seeking weight management support can all count on a dietitian to lead them in the right direction. As advocates for improving nutrition education for people around the world, they combat food myths and diet misconceptions for the sake of others’ health. They easily deserve to be recognized during National Nutrition Month! 

To discover what registered dietitians have to say, read what guest Registered Dietitians think about real milk.  

Happy Registered Dietitian Day! 

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