Recover With This Chocolate Smoothie Bowl

There is more to your workout routine than the hour-long exercise. How you train and what you eat play an important role in your gains and in your recovery.  

The Peachtree Road Race is a 10k run held each year in Atlanta on the Fourth of July. With over 50,000 participants in 2023, it is the world’s largest 10k race. And this year, The Dairy Alliance was present to highlight to runners milk’s important role in exercise.  

When you’re racing to the finish line, milk helps you go the extra mile. Research shows that milk is one of the best beverages for hydration, even better than water or sports drinks, which is an important piece of information runners need to know. 

The natural electrolytes, carbohydrates, and high-quality protein in milk make it a winner when it comes to rehydration. Runners should reach for milk to help them hydrate and recover so they’re always ready for the next race. As several participants pointed out, we all want more reasons to drink chocolate milk. Good news! You can choose chocolate milk after a race for extra carbohydrates to help replenish energy stores. 


After a long race, reach for chocolate milk! It has the extra carbohydrates you need to reenergize so you’re ready for the next race. Turn chocolate milk into a delicious smoothie bowl! 😋 #smoothiebowl #smoothierecipes #hydratation #chocolatemilk #realmilk #easyrecipes

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For road race runners or the occasional jogger, recover with this Chocolate Milk Smoothie Bowl paired with a glass of milk. You read that right. Chocolate milk lovers can bring the beloved beverage to their post-run snack. To make this smoothie bowl after exercise, reach for the blender and blend chocolate milk and bananas together for a thick consistency. Add more chocolate milk to the mixture if you want a thinner base. Pour the mixture into a bowl before covering it in coconut flakes, granola, chocolate chips, and peanut butter. Then all that is left to do is to relax and enjoy your delicious smoothie bowl while you recover from an epic run.

For Peachtree Road Race Runners and those striving to run the race next year, don’t forget to choose milk as part of your routine.

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