Refreshing Yogurt Pops

Did you know Americans consume an average of 48 pints of ice cream per person, per year, more than any other country? How could anyone blame us? Few things are more refreshing on a hot summer day than a cold, creamy, delicious scoop of ice cream.

As a nutrition expert, I don’t mind ice cream on special occasions, but it isn’t the only delicious dairy treat you can serve your family. In addition to my mom’s famous homemade ice-cream, I serve my family frozen yogurt to beat the heat and stay cool and healthy.

Frozen yogurt is similar to ice cream, but lower in fat. In recent years, frozen yogurt shops have popped up on every corner. Food good health, it is best to choose fat-free or low sugar options and top with fresh fruits and toasted nuts. If you are lactose intolerant, choosing frozen yogurt with active cultures over regular ice cream may make digestion easier.

Better yet, make your very own frozen yogurt pops at home and control the ingredients! These are so simple its silly and your kids (and husband) will rave about them.

Start with vanilla Greek yogurt for twice the protein found in regular yogurt or any ice cream. The most difficult part of this recipe is the choosing the next ingredient; fruit! The options are truly endless. I choose kiwi, blueberries, and strawberries. Just wash, let dry, and slice kiwi into small pieces. Fold fruit into the yogurt and spoon into paper cups, ice trays, or get fancy with store bought molds. Allow enough time to freeze and then serve immediately.

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