Reset Yourself with Dairy

As we embark on 2022, one thing I think we can all agree on is that life can be a little stressful at times. The new year is the perfect time to reset. Whether it’s mental health or physical well-being that needs a reset, dairy foods can be a great addition to your toolkit. 


A healthy immune system is on many minds these days. Did you know dairy foods contain nutrients that are vital to a healthy immune system? It’s true! In one cup of milk, for example, you can find nutrients like selenium, vitamin A, vitamin D, protein, and zinc—all important for a healthy immune system.


When it feels like there’s a never-ending to-do list, fueling with foods that are nutrient-rich and satiating is one thing that may help keep you going. Dairy foods, which are a source of high-quality protein, are a great choice when looking for a healthy way to stay energized.


Taking some time to yourself or to share a special moment with your family may be the reset button your body needs. With a warm latte enjoyed in the morning before the busy day starts or hot chocolate shared around the fireplace, dairy foods can be the perfect pair to these reset moments.


Certain dairy foods may promote digestive health. This includes fermented dairy foods like yogurt and kefir with live cultures which can help support the good bacteria in our gut. Additionally, dairy foods with little to no lactose like natural hard cheeses and lactose-free milk can help promote digestive health for those that experience lactose intolerance.

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