Rock and Roll Marathon Series

Although I am not a committed runner, I do have a medal from the 2017 Crescent City Classic proving I finished. Therefore, I know what the Run, Rock, and Roll runners participating in the upcoming Rock ‘n Roll Marathon Series® have in store beginning March 3rd. If you think New Orleans does a throw down for Mardi Gras, you have not experienced what happens when the city hosts a big race! No doubt, this event will prove to be the fastest, flattest and funniest race any athlete has ever experienced. Starting at the Convention Center, the race takes runners through the French Quarter past many historic sites with local bands and “spirited” fans entertaining and cheering them along the way.

Recently, I learned that three athletes participating are part of Team Chocolate Milk, a group of athletes who understand how low-fat chocolate milk can help them recover and rebuild their muscles after tough workouts. As a dietitian who represents dairy farmers, this makes me happy to know that runners are taking advantage of the properties of delicious, chocolate milk. Many runners believe chocolate replenishes tired muscles better than lots of commercial sports beverages on the market. Nutritionally, the combination of carbohydrates and protein in chocolate milk make it a favorite at the finish line.

Chadwick Jobe who is a Walgreen’s® manager, shares the benefits of recovering with chocolate milk to anyone who will listen. His goal is to run up to 18 Rock ‘n Roll marathons in 2018 and become a Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame runner.

Don Quinn also uses chocolate milk as a recovery beverage. Last year, Don’s big accomplishment was completing the Spartan Trifecta, and he drinks chocolate milk after each competition.

Becky Kellhofer, who is a long-distance runner, completed her second half IRONMAN®. Becky drinks chocolate milk because it is delicious and natural, and she believes the added calcium is a plus. This year Becky will compete in her third half IRONMAN in Boulder, Colorado, and a 100K bike ride in Wichita Falls, TX.

To these three Team Chocolate Milk runners, we at The Dairy Alliance and all the dairy farm families across the Southeast wish you the best of luck. Remember Borden’s® Dutch chocolate milk is waiting once you cross that finish line.

Southeast Dairy Association - mary martin nordness

Mary Martin Nordness, MA, RDN, LD, CHES

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