Santa’s Favorite Beverage

It’s Christmas Eve and the kids can hardly contain their excitement as they get ready for bed. All that is on their mind is Santa Claus visiting their house during the night. Before heading upstairs to dream about the magic, they remember to put out Santa’s favorite treat: cookies! Whether spending an evening in the kitchen trying their skills at baking or sharing their favorite pack of cookies, a plate of the sweet treat waits to greet Santa during his stop. 

Of course, he needs something to wash the cookies down with, that beverage fittingly being wholesome milk. The jolly Santa Claus doesn’t need a caffeine-boosting mug of coffee or a quick sip of water. He needs a drink that complements the kids’ gift of cookies that will help him succeed in his yearly journey. How? Real milk provides Santa with the nutrients that he needs to get all the presents delivered in one night!  

You have to give the man credit: he’s one smart cookie! Each glass of milk helps Santa Claus rein in the excited reindeer and quickly, silently haul toys for children around the world, navigating both storms and the drones of those hoping to spot the man’s journey. It’s an exhausting job that he gladly takes on. 

And what is good for Santa is good for the kiddos in your life. Enjoying a glass of warm milk before bed, the kids will glow as they fall asleep in on the secret of the world’s favorite toymaker. With visions of acting as Santa’s helper replacing the usual musings of what sugar plums are, children will happily gulp down their glass of milk when it’s offered this holiday season. And when they wake up the next morning and come charging down the stairs, ready to see what their gift of cookies and milk helped Santa deliver, head to the kitchen to prepare hot chocolate made with chocolate milk and lots of marshmallows

This Christmas Eve, pour a glass of real dairy! 

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