Satisfying Snacks for Long Summer Days

roasted garlic and white bean dip

With more hours of daylight comes more activities to fill the day. Fill your summer mornings, afternoons, and evenings with days of fun, staying energized with dairy-filled foods throughout the day. Use these ideas for fun days with delicious snacks to fill your summer with. 

For a day of grilling, you need lots of delicious sides ready to be served with charred hamburgers, skewers, corn on the cob, and more. Instead of spending the entire day rushing between the kitchen counter and grill outside, make in advance foods that are both good snacks and sides throughout the day. Prepare a plate of crackers, pretzels, sliced fruits and veggies, and bread to serve with a cool dip. Turn to the Roasted Garlic and White Bean Dip that is comprised of cottage cheese and cannellini beans or a variety of easy-to-make dips with a Greek yogurt base. 

If searching for light snacks on a hike, create your own trail mix. Try this easy Grand Slam Snack Mix that combines mozzarella cubes and dried cherries with cereal, pretzels, and more. You’ll be able to reach for a quick snack without slowing your progress on the trail If you’ll be enjoying lunch with a gorgeous view, pack these parmesan crisps to pair with a sandwich, giving that salty, satisfying crunch without feeling heavy. Congratulating yourself on a fun adventure that didn’t end with a twisted ankle, don’t forget about recovering from the day’s events. When you return home, make sure to rehydrate with a tall glass of chocolate milk. 

Southeast Dairy Association - Ham and Cheese Pops

When the kids are drying off from an afternoon in the pool, serve Ham & Cheese Pops, preparing a cream cheese mix with cheddar cheese and ham slices. The final touch can include either pretzels and cucumbers or the veggie slices of your choice. This Peanut Butter Whip is also tasty with apple slices or celery. 

Make sure you have satisfying snacks to keep you going for the long summer days ahead. 

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