Serve Up the Viral Cottage Cheese Queso

There is a new trend on TikTok that is as timely as it is delicious—the cottage cheese queso. September is a popular time for queso. Not only is queso a part of everyone’s routine Taco Tuesday menu, but tailgating season is beginning and National Queso Day is celebrated during the month. It is a must to serve as a dip or topping for any get-together.  

Queso is a snacking favorite, but it needs lots of attention if it isn’t immediately devoured. We sometimes get distracted by a bad play or an intense story, leaving the queso to cool. If you hate how frequently you must warm or mix your queso to keep it from hardening during friendly get-togethers, try the viral cottage cheese queso! 

That’s right. Cottage cheese is having a moment. As people are discovering new ways to enjoy the classic dairy food, like this cottage cheese ice cream, TikToks galore are putting their own spin on these tasty innovations. The cottage cheese queso is one of these creations that make a queso dip easy to serve and with the goodness of cottage cheese. 

Dairy foods offer multiple benefits to us. Every 8-ounce glass of milk provides 8 grams of complete, high-quality protein that helps you stay strong, energized, and focused. With benefits like that, no wonder other dairy foods are gaining popularity, too! 

It’s easy to make your own cottage cheese queso. First, add a container of cottage cheese and taco seasoning to a blender. Blend until smooth. Next, add cheese to the cottage cheese mixture. Pour into a bowl and microwave until the cheese is melted. Stir the mixture. Now you can add in your preferred toppings like pico de gallo or diced tomatoes, onions, chiles, or jalapenos. Finally, it is time to serve with tortilla chips or veggie sticks.  

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