Serving Up BBQ This May

Southeast Dairy Association - Pigskin BBQ Nachos with Carolina Slaw easy super bowl appetizers

May is National BBQ Month, perfect for Memorial Day grillers and School’s Out celebrations. 

Barbecues are a popular way to socialize, eat good food, and enjoy nice weather. Rather than everyone congregating away from the food, the grill is the focal point of the day. Guests gather around, observing the host’s techniques and eagerly waiting for their chance to take over. 

Get Ready for BBQ Season

And there will be conversations about the style of barbeque chosen. Everyone has their preferred style of BBQ. North Carolina BBQ focuses on a vinegar-based sauce while South Carolina’s bright red, mustard-tinged BBQ sauce is sweet and tangy. Georgia BBQ relies on a thin, savory tomato sauce whereas Alabama uses a mayonnaise and vinegar white BBQ sauce. Tennessee is the home of both BBQ served with spicy-and-sweet sauce and Memphis-style dry rub ribs. Instead of pork, Kentucky chooses mutton barbecue served with a Worcestershire-based sauce used to dip the mutton. 

Whatever your BBQ style, enjoy it this May. If taking a break from the traditional barbecue offerings, prepare these BBQ Nachos with Carolina Slaw for a delicious appetizer. These grit cakes are a great way to use up any leftover barbeque at the following day’s family lunch. For a quick dinner where you need a delicious taste but don’t have hours to do the prep work, heat up these BBQ chicken foil packet dinners. Just don’t be surprised if a few neighbors appear expecting a plate! 

Southeast Dairy Association - Easy Creamy Mac and Cheese

Don’t forget your sides, like macaroni and cheese or fresh cornbread. And if you’re someone who throws barbecues but serves burgers, these sliders need to be on your menu for those trying to eat a little of everything. 

Desserts are another must. Pies, ice cream, puddings, ambrosia, and more can fill the dessert table. (And yes, for a real barbecue, you need an entire table dedicated to desserts.) With stomachs full, desserts will be lazily eaten between sips of sweet tea or lemonade. It’s part of the final conversations of a barbecue as everyone reluctantly watches the sky begin to darken. 

 As everyone makes a plate before heading out, there will be both compliments and challenges to the meal—just wait until I make my famous wings! Stop by next week and you’ll see. 

There’s a reason summer barbecues are popular—they’re good eating! 

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