Show Your Love for Flavored Milk

During the month of heart health and love, let’s give some love to a milk classic that doesn’t get the recognition it deserves: strawberry milk. 

Sure, February is an important time for strawberry milk. Add a colorful, thick straw and the flavored milk is a simple option for a kid-friendly Valentine’s Day food. Once February 14 is over, though, the delicious flavor is again outranked by other flavors. 

That’s not to say chocolate milk doesn’t deserve its high-profile tasty status. Chocolate milk is amazing! It even gets its own food holiday. But while chocolate milk sits in its many choices in the refrigerated section, another flavored milk classic doesn’t get nearly as much attention, and that’s just not fair. 

The bright pink color makes any meal fun, especially when you discover the delicious taste. Next thing you know, the bottle is empty. As a child, you probably explained your love for strawberry milk as a healthy option. After all, it’s the obvious choice. Strawberry. Milk. You’re drinking dairy and fruit, because young you thought that’s honestly how it worked. (While parents might not accept that logic, flavored milk does encourage kids to drink more milk, so your younger self’s argument still holds.) 

While chocolate is amazing, what makes strawberry less popular?  

Perhaps it’s not as popular because of an age-old question: Brown cows must produce chocolate milk, so who makes strawberry? The uneducated need to learn the Red Holsteins clearly are responsible for the world’s strawberry milk supply and deserve recognition.  

Joking aside, strawberry milk, you are loved. As are you, orange cream milk, and you, vanilla milk, and also you, mint milk… 

Honestly, any dairy milk is wonderful. We’ll figure out the cow question for each of them later. 

Have a flavor you think deserves more love? Let us know why! 

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