Sip Smarter This Holiday Season

If your holidays are anything like mine, they are jam-packed but joy-filled, and you need to be feeling your best to truly savor the special moments that happen this time of year. When choosing an everyday beverage, the goal is to limit sugar-sweetened beverages and instead choose beverages that are calorie-free, like water, or that contain beneficial nutrients like low-fat milk. Since milk is a perfect pair to many festive foods, you don’t have to choose between wellness and enjoying the flavors of the season.

Southeast Dairy Association - pumpkin pie smoothie

Choosing beverages that are packed full of essential nutrients is one simple way we can support our wellness. Just one cup of milk contains 13 essential nutrients including vitamin D, vitamin A, zinc, and selenium, which are all vital to a healthy immune system. Cookies and milk are a famous duo this time of year, so instead of filling up on multiple cookies for a snack, opt for one and pair it with a glass of low-fat milk. In addition to increasing the nutrient density of that snack, the 8 grams of protein from the milk may even help with satiety. Smoothies are another easy way to incorporate milk and many other nutrient-rich foods into your diet. A pumpkin pie smoothie made with kefir—a fermented milk drink—is a great example of a seasonal smoothie to enjoy the flavors of the holidays while also arming your body with important nutrients.

Specialty lattes made with sugary syrups are very common this time of year. If holiday shopping just isn’t the same without one, consider modifications like getting a smaller size and/or making it more nutrient-dense. Choose low-fat real milk when ordering and either decrease or eliminate the amount of syrup and toppings added altogether. Then sprinkle some cinnamon to add that seasonal flavor you are looking for. You may realize you like it just the same!

This holiday season, sip smarter to support your wellness and savor the moments that make it feel so special.

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