3 Sweet, Healthy Recipes for Appetizers, Snacks, & Desserts

Healthy Recipes for Appetizers, Snacks, & Dessert

Do you have a sweet tooth that never has enough treats? You dream of beginning the day with hot chocolate and French toast and ending it with a slice of cake. You don’t though, and fight the urge to give in to sugary temptations. Instead of choosing all sweets or none, find satisfying bites for your sweet tooth with nutritious elements. Whether you want something different, try these three yummy dairy-filled healthy recipes for appetizers, snacks, and desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth throughout the day. 

Sweet and Healthy Recipes for Appetizers, Snacks, & Dessert

Southeast Dairy Association - strawberry parfait

Strawberry Cheesecake Parfaits 

This easy, no-bake snack offers an appetite-satisfying dose of protein in a creamy dessert package. Let the kids help assemble it while they still have a love of all things sweet. Switch out the berries with their other favorite fruits. If you only need one serving for you, don’t worry. It’s easy to scale this recipe up or down. 

Orange Almond Quick Bread 

Greek yogurt and milk are the secret ingredients to keeping this quick-bread super moist. Though you can make the quick bread without its simple glaze, you know you can’t go without it. Using rolled oats provides extra fiber (a great excuse for anyone who asks how you can eat sweet foods so early in the day) and gives the bread the perfect texture. You can swap whole wheat flour if desired. The recipe easily makes 12 muffins for a quick on-the-run breakfast or midday snack. Make ahead and freeze for those busy mornings or weekends. 

Southeast Dairy Association - Mini Dutch Babies

Mini Dutch Babies 

Take your pancake game to a whole new level with these mini Dutch Babies filled with seasonal fresh fruit and dusted with a touch of powdered sugar. Baking them in a muffin tin makes them perfect for entertaining larger groups or a brunch buffet, but really, this will be your go-to snack for yourself and the few people you allow to touch your sweet snacks. 

To find more healthy recipes for appetizers, snacks, or desserts that will satisfy your sweet tooth, check out The Dairy Alliance’s Dairy Recipes

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