Snow Apocalypse?

In my sleepy southern town of Auburn, Alabama, a dusting of snow is considered a snow apocalypse – worthy of school closings and grocery store runs for batteries, bread and of course milk. Yesterday, Mother Nature dumped 3 to 4 inches of snow and a layer of ice from Birmingham to Andalusia, creating a rare winter wonderland. This extreme weather front came so fast and furious many Alabama citizens were stranded on interstates, trying to get home, only to abandon their cars after hours of grid lock.

I was lucky. I watched the snow apocalypse from my kitchen window. At my house, falling snow demands hot soup, hot chocolate and snow cream.

Are your children home from school today looking for something to do?  Consider making snow cream. Whipping up a batch can keep them occupied and provide a science lesson on ice crystals.  There is just enough snow outside that little ones can grab sugar, milk, salt and cold snow and enjoy an exceptional treat. I have included 5 ways to create snow cream. Tweet a picture of your snow cream creation or of your family enjoying the snow day to us @theDairyRD.

Remember- don’t eat the yellow snow!

Cuddle up and stay warm and safe.

 Mary Martin Nordness, MA, RD, LD, CHES

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