Soothe Bug Bites This Summer with Dairy Remedies

Summer activities are meant to be fun, but the rise in insects brings unwelcome guests to summer picnics or well-planned camping trips. Bringing raised red skin of itchy bites, your mind isn’t focused on the day ahead when the bugs begin biting. Don’t let the summer bug bites ruin summer plans. Make sure that whatever your plans are for the day, the milk is nearby to save the day’s fun. Soothe bug bites with these simple dairy remedies. 

Milk can help relieve the itchy, burning feeling of sunburn, a rag soaked in milk helping cool the aggravated skin, but that’s not all it can do to help your skin. Milk can also ease the itch of bug bites.  

Bug bites are an annoying side effect from enjoying the great outdoors. Whether you forgot the bug spray, or you need extra help from the insects that find your blood irresistible, bug bites are an irritating part of life that we’d all like to avoid. Thankfully, adding milk to those pesky bites can help reduce the irritation. 

Using the milk for sunburn relief trick, simply douse a rag or cotton ball in milk and apply it to the affected area. If the bug bites are all over your body, add milk or powdered milk to the tub and soak. Milk baths are wrapped in the legend of ancient beauties and their skincare routines, so in addition to easing your itchy bug bites, you may be helping your skin, too.  

Another way is to create a paste by combining powdered milk with water. Applying the paste to bug bites will bring relief for those on-the-go, perfect for kids itching to get back outside (pun intended). 

With this trick useful for sunburn and bug bite relief, applying milk to irritated skin is a good go-to for dry skin or an accidental run-in with poison oak or poison ivy. Using milk as a cheap and natural treatment for irritated skin from summer activities is a great way to find relief. 

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