Sophisticated Ice Cream

scooped homemade vanilla sophisticated ice cream

While the kids may be flocking to unicorn bubble gum, chocolate chip cookie, and other sweet ice cream flavors, there are more options for ice cream lovers than sugary sweets. These ice cream flavors for more sophisticated palates are great examples of what unique options are out there. For those looking to make even more sophisticated ice cream flavors at home, start with these popular additions. 

Ice Cream at Tea Time 

Chai, earl grey, blueberry green tea, whatever your hot tea preference, imagine it in a cool bite of ice cream. You can make tea-infused ice cream. Simply steep your preferred tea in hot milk or cream. Allow to cool before making your ice cream base. For dragon fruit, matcha, and other powdered teas, mix the powders into the milk well before you make your ice cream. 

Florals and Herbs

Have you ever looked at a bouquet and wondered if the petals taste as good as they smell? Don’t be caught munching on the rose bushes. Instead, try a floral ice cream. Rose and vanilla, lavender and honey, even lemon and basil are unique ice cream flavors that can be made at home. You can use dried edible petals or liquids like rose water to bring out your floral flavors. Honey, lemon zest, basil leaves, and more can be added to your base to bring in more complex combinations. 

Spice Up Your Ice Cream with Spices 

Add a little spice to your ice cream. Ginger, cinnamon tarragon, sea salt, cardamom, and more. Your spice cabinet can play a crucial role in creating a sophisticated ice cream flavor, or as inspiration, like this ice cream that uses crushed ginger snaps instead. Sprinkle these ingredients into your ice cream base for a subtle flavor you cannot believe you have gone without for so long. 

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