Soul-Full Sisters Breakfast Sandwiches

Easy like Sunday morning. These types of mornings in Beulaville, NC, are the most cherished. Waking up at home to the smell of bacon and knowing our Mama is either making one of two things: BLTs or bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches. Mama always likes to fill our stomachs with something warm and comforting before we hit I-40 West to head back to Raleigh. A morning in her kitchen always makes going back to Raleigh a little harder.

This particular morning, Mama made bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches. It may sound simple, but the combination of crispy bacon, an over-easy egg, melty cheese, and Duke’s mayo transports us to childhood and beautifully easy days.

What makes this sandwich extra special is the effortless melty cheese that pulls after the sandwich is cut in half. We have a special tip when building your sandwich: while frying the egg and after the flip, go ahead and lay your sliced cheese on the side that’s cooked so that it can start melting. The other side of the egg will cook another 1-2 minutes and then you’ll have a perfectly cooked egg with creamy & melty cheese, ready for your sandwich. While the egg is cooking, toast your white bread and put a nice spread of Duke’s mayo on it. It will be the glue that holds your sandwich together.

This is a simple breakfast, made perfectly with protein-packed cheese–it just simply wouldn’t be the same without it. It is a favorite ingredient of our family that we add whenever possible. Growing up, cheese was an afternoon snack (sliced hoop cheese and Wise Barbecue chips), an addition to breakfast (this soulful recipe), and what made us drool at dinnertime (everything from broccoli and cheese to casseroles). Cheese was always Mama’s addition that helped show her love, a comforting and creamy bite that would linger in our minds forever. Enjoy this deliciously simple breakfast with the people you love most.

Click here for the full breakfast sandwich recipe.

The Soul-Full Sisters are just sisters who really love food. Quinn Carlton Bostic + Paten Carlton are Duplin County natives, rooted in Raleigh, North Carolina. For these two, it all started with them watching, listening, and tasting. The dishes they loved the most were the ones with the shortest ingredient list you’d ever see. They were taught to appreciate fresh food in season. Their essence and style of cooking have been planted like a seed within them by the women and generations before them. Their layers of love and flavor are reflected in the food they prepare.

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