Spread the Word: How to Make Flavored Butter at Home

For those people who count down to canning season and make everything from scratch, homemade butter is as easy as breathing. For the rest of us who dream of being that proficient in the kitchen, it’s a task that should be simple if only we could figure out what actually goes into making butter. Isn’t step one grabbing a tub of butter from the store? 

Making a pat of butter doesn’t need to be a challenge. Break down the process and master the three steps below to make your own flavored butter at home. 

First, make the butter. 

You don’t have to churn cream—you can shake it! Fill a mason jar halfway with heavy whipping cream. Tightly close the lid and turn on your workout playlist. It’s time to shake the jar until butter begins to form.  

Or you can make butter in a mixer, slowly increasing the speed until butter forms. Either way, once it forms, strain the butter, pushing out the liquids. Rinse your butter.  

Next, add your flavorings. 

Southeast Dairy Association - classic white bread

In a mixer or by hand, add in your combination of flavors. Perhaps you want just a pinch of salt, but where’s the fun in that? Bring more flavors to your spread. Garlic powder, oregano, basil, and parsley can also be added for Garlic and Herb, a combination perfect for spreading onto fresh bread. Add your preferred mustard to homemade butter for a kick. Dried cranberries can be added for a seasonal butter you miss outside of the holidays. Combine together warm flavors like honey and cinnamon for a comforting bite, or maple butter to add to your pancakes. From savory to sweet, there are so many combinations to try! 

Finally, shape and store the butter. 

Once you have your flavors perfected, shape your butter to serve it. You can pat the butter into shape, but it’s cleaner to roll in plastic wrap, tying the ends before tossing in the refrigerator. Or, if you have a mold, fill it with butter and let harden, creating an interesting presentation at your next party. The only way to top that is to create a butter sculpture! 

Once you are comfortable with the steps above, guests will be wowed at your skills in the kitchen. Spread the word: you can make butter at home. 

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