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Do you ever find yourself craving a cold glass of milk or bowl of ice cream and feel like you can’t enjoy them due to lactose intolerance? Not to fear—there are ways that you can, and should, enjoy dairy everyday as part of a healthy lifestyle.

When you have lactose intolerance, one of the best tips for including milk and other dairy foods in your diet is to ‘Stir It’ into many of your favorite foods. When milk is combined with solid foods, it helps slow digestion and gives your body more time to break down the lactose.

Be sure to check out our ideas and recipes for delicious lactose intolerance-friendly dishes, including some of my favorites for entertaining:

  • Spinach and Basil Pesto Bites are perfect to bring to a party. Both kids and adults go crazy for these flavorful appetizers (spoiler alert—this is a great way to get kids to eat their vegetables while enjoying nutritious cheese and milk).
  • Baked goods are usually the first to go when lactose is being avoided. You can still enjoy the health benefits of dairy foods, however, by simply mixing lactose-free milk with other ingredients. Whether it’s a school bake sale, family brunch or even dessert, these are perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth and desire for dairy.

If you have lactose intolerance or are hosting an event for a guest who is, don’t cut out dairy. Instead, remember to ‘Stir It’ in by mixing milk and other dairy foods into your favorite dishes.

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LanierBy: Lanier Dabruzzi, MS, RD, LD

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