Stocking Up On Milk This Winter Season

Why does the mention of “snow” cause dread within us, and why is the dread for a day of preparation, not the actual event of snowfall? 

Snow can mean icy roads and frozen pipes, but we can deal with that when it happens. At the mention of snow, Southern cities become empty. That is, depending on the area. Everyone and their mother are at the gas station filling gas tanks with extra fuel or at the grocery store stocking up on food. The items on the grocery list? Milk, bread and eggs. 

You do the same, but you aren’t completely sure what the logic is behind your choices. They’re staples, but they aren’t a whole meal, nor are they safe if the power goes out, so what is the appeal?  

Items are freshest if used in the coming days. Everyone is prepping for a short stay at home, not weeks on end. Unless you’re planning on freezing it all, make the most of your snow purchases. With a few additional ingredients added to your grocery list, upcoming snowstorms can mean tasty meals at home. 

Southeast Dairy Association - cinnamon french toast

If you buy milk, bread, and eggs, French toast is a must-have breakfast! It’ll keep you warm as you curl up on the couch or try to remind everyone to check for ice before throwing a snowball. Top with fruit or dip in yogurt for a truly flavorful way to start the day as you watch the snow blanket the driveway. After all, this must be what’s driving you to the store in preparation for a snow day. 

While there’s nothing wrong with eating delicious French toast all day, there are other options for your snow-day groceries. After a cold hour outside trying to clear a path and getting distracted with attempts at snow angels, warm up with a hot mug of soup paired with milk and grilled cheese or toast. It’s a nostalgic comfort meal that will warm you up for your next venture into the yard. 

To end the day, clean out the spare veggies in the refrigerator for a rustic tart. On a homemade or pre-made crust, add your favorite cheese and whatever meat or veggies are on hand before brushing an egg wash on the edges. Once the tart is out of the oven, you’ll have a tasty dinner for the whole family that helped clear away space for your snow-day buys. Now you don’t have to worry about an avalanche of food the next time you open the fridge doors for a snack!

It’s not a snow day without hot chocolate made with milk. Top with whipped cream and add some cookies to dip for an evening snack, a perfect ending to a last-minute day at home. 

With easy, tasty meals like these, you’ll be glad you stocked up on the milk. 

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