Sunshine and Cold Milk: Go Ahead, Eat Outside

Have you spent most of your summer indoors?  

It’s understandable if you have. Work, chores, and life take up plenty of time and energy. It’s very inconsiderate since it’s only fair that if you work hard, your time to have fun should be the same. You wait for the stars to align and present the day that will make up for the exhaustion, but when there is a moment for a break from the routine, the weather isn’t right or you worry about the crowds because it’s a nice day. 

And then there’s the hassle. Bug spray and sunscreen are just the start of a list of things to prepare for an extended time outside. What extra time you had in your day is gone by the time you search the house for anything you might need. 

Stop waiting for planets to meet or mountains to move. It’s time to enjoy the outdoors despite what life suggests.  

Begin enjoying time in the great outdoors with small changes to your day. One way that you’ll love: spending a meal outside.  

Southeast Dairy Association - ricotta veggie stuffed griller

After all, you must eat anyway, so what is the problem with changing the location of your meal? Looking at the same corner where the walls meet as you chew every day, you clearly deserve a more scenic atmosphere. Pack a picnic to enjoy the fresh air and summer sun, then go to the park or set up in your backyard. It doesn’t need to be a fancy outing planned weeks in advance to be enjoyable. A cheesy sandwich tastes even better when you listen to your favorite tunes and take a deep breath of fresh air because, wow, you’d started forgetting the world doesn’t smell like bleach and an air freshener that needs replacing. You’ll quickly realize a change of scenery is needed every now and then.  

As for the hindrance of a mile-long list of essentials, you can make the excursion as long as you want, meaning your list of must-haves is greatly shortened outside of what you’d eat anyway. Ensuring your food is tasty and safely stored is a simple step, so whether you prepared your meal beforehand or brought the ingredients for a cookout, your food will survive the heat. Besides that, you might need to reach for the car keys and wallet, maybe some hand sanitizer and sunscreen, but you don’t have to prepare like you’ll be gone for months. 

So go ahead. Eat outside and enjoy a break from the regular routine. You deserve a chance to savor a delicious meal. 

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