Dairy Snacks: Tailgating Must-Haves for Milk Bowl

dairy snacks for tailgating

This weekend, the Milk Bowl’s quarterback Joe Milton and wide receiver Ladd McConkey go head-to-head, but there is still time to determine milk’s greatest benefit to athletes, strength or hydration. While athletes drink milk for nutrition, you can enjoy sports games more with delicous dairy snacks.

That’s right. With 8 grams of complete protein per 8-ounce serving, milk helps Joe build muscle, stay active, and recover.  As Ladd points out, real milk’s natural electrolytes, carbohydrates, and high-quality protein make it more effective at improving hydration status and keeping him hydrated longer than water and sports drinks 

While the two players continue gaining ground online for their favorite benefit of drinking real milk, turn to these tailgating must-haves while the Milk Bowl continues. 

Dairy Snacks


Gear up for game day with this cheesy guacamole dip! 🥑 Blending cottage cheese give guacamole a protein boost 💪 Like milk, cottage cheese is a source of complete, high-quality protein with 25 grams of quality protein per cup! #appetizers #appetizer #gameday #tailgate #tailgaterecipes #tailgatefood #foodie #foodoftheday #guacomole #tailgating #easyrecipes #easysnack #easymeals #quickrecipes #quickrecipes #foryou #foryoupage #fypシ #fyp #viraltiktok #trending

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This rich Cheesy Guacamole blends puréed cottage cheese and Cheddar cheese. To make this tasty dip, purée cottage cheese until smooth. Combine avocado, red onion, cilantro, lime juice, salt, cumin, coriander, and garlic powder and mash with a fork to create the guacamole base. Stir the cottage cheese into the guacamole and add the cheese. Serve with tortilla chips.  


Still don’t know what to make for your tailgate party this weekend?? Try this tasty spinach dip with homemade rolls 😋🏈 Made with real milk that’s contains natural, high quality protein with 8 grams of protein per serving! 💪 #appetizers #appetizer #gameday #tailgate #tailgaterecipes #tailgatefood #foodie #foodoftheday #guacomole #tailgating #easyrecipes #easysnack #easymeals #quickrecipes #quickrecipes

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A cheesy Spinach Dip with Homemade Rolls is another great option to please a crowd. Mix flour, milk, yeast, and oil together to create a dough. While it proofs, mix spinach, artichoke, garlic, hot sauce, cream cheese, and mayonnaise with cheeses parmesan and mozzarella. Roll the dough into small balls to place along the edge of a cast iron. Brush with butter and fill the center with the spinach dip. Bake and serve for a winning tailgate party! 

And with your snacks, you need a dairy good sip. Erica Thomas of Eating with Erica created this Spiked Peach Milkshake as the perfect companion to this weekend’s game day! In a blender, combine peaches, milk, vanilla ice cream, peach schnapps, and sugar if needed. Pour into a chilled glass and top with whipped cream, mint, and a fresh peach slice as a garnish. Serve immediately with a straw and a spoon. 

Or you can choose this Spiked Caramel Milkshake with Tennessee Whiskey also created by Erica. Blend vanilla ice cream, milk, caramel sauce, and Tennessee whiskey until smooth and creamy. Add a pinch of sea salt to the blend. Pour the milkshake into a chilled glass and top with a generous amount of whipped cream. Drizzle additional caramel sauce over the whipped cream, sprinkle crushed caramel candies or toffee bits on top, and serve. 

The Milk Bowl runs through the start of December, meaning there is still time to vote and cheer on your team. Learn more at milkvsmilk.com

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