Take a Family Trip to the Dairy Farm

The school year is over, but that doesn’t mean that the summer can’t also be educational and fun. Don’t have flashbacks of virtual school and lesson plan confusion. An easy way to do this is to bring the family together to discover agriculture and how it produces the foods they love. 

This summer, search for a dairy farm near you offering dairy delicious treats or an educational tour made for the entire family. For a quick family outing, stop by a local shop or creamery with a variety of foods that come from around the community. Pick up specialty cheeses or cheese curds, fun flavors of milk, or other dairy products that inspire menu ideas for dinner. 

If there’s more time in your day, tours often give you a peek at the milking parlor and the calves. After learning how dairy products like ice cream are made, the kids can cool off with a scoop while you’re out or in a fun family challenge that night: who can make the best homemade ice cream

If there isn’t a farm open to tours in your area or you’re trying to stay away from others this summer, join a virtual tour. The Dairy Alliance has already offered 4 tours that are recorded and available online, or you can join a livestreamed tour.  

This summer, learn with your family all about where your food comes from through a fun (and appetite-satisfying) trip to the dairy farm. 

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