5 Taste of the Fair Dairy Foods to Try at Home

You can’t be at the fair this year, but you’re doing your best to bring the fair to you. The Facebook updates and livestreams are starting and the laptop is fully charged, so now there’s one thing left to do: clear out the fridge and make this year’s fair food.  

You’re always stocked on your dairy products for those sudden cravings, especially your milk and cheese variety, so put them to good use and make the fair foods you’re missing. It’s time to use up the last of your buttermilk, pull out the spare tub of cottage cheese you keep for emergencies and whip up some tasty dairy recipes. 

While you sit back and enjoy the fair from home, make these foods to bring the taste of the fair home.  

Southeast Dairy Association - Tiger Tail Chicken Tacos

Street Tacos 

Street tacos are a great size for sampling different flavor combinations without leaving you too full to try more. For a bite of taco that combines a flavorful sauce comprised of sour cream, Dijon mustard, and honey with a tortilla stuffed with rotisserie chicken, sliced apple, and Brie, try the Mini Chicken and Brie Quesadillas. If you’re looking for a snack made the traditional fair food way—deep fried—there’s another milk recipe to taste, using a dairy-filled sauce of Greek yogurt, blue cheese, cottage cheese, and milk drizzled over buffalo chicken tacos. Or, in street taco style, combine for contrasting but mouthwatering bites as you watch the livestock show stream. 

Southeast Dairy Association - Sirloin Pita Salad Sandwich with Herb Yogurt Dressing

Greek Wraps 

If you’re not craving a packed tortilla, perhaps a packed pita will satisfy your need for fair food. After all, who can say no to a pita filled with sirloin, crumbled blue cheese, and veggies covered in yogurt? If that’s not authentic enough for you because you need something handy, something you can pace the living room with because you can, wrap this Greek Chicken Wrap with Tzatziki Herb Yogurt Sauce in foil and dig in! Just make sure you carry around a napkin, too. 

Loaded Nachos 

Southeast Dairy Association - Pigskin BBQ Nachos with Carolina Slaw

The loaded nacho is a versatile meal. It can be shared with the family or serve as a reminder that if you touch my nachos, you will get locked in the funhouse overnight. Create a tempting snack that will have the family trying to sneak a bite when you’re out of the room. The Mambo Nacho Bowl mixes spices and ground beef with a Mango-Cheese Pico de Gallo, milk, cheese, butter, and jalapeños over tortilla chips. It’s delicious, but that isn’t your only milk recipe for nachos. Combine fair favorite loaded nachos with some Southern slaw and barbeque that packs the dairy through Greek yogurt and lots of cheese. Everyone will be begging for a sample. 


A slice of pizza (or three) while you wait for your turn on the rollercoaster is a bad idea you happily repeat every year. This year, you can’t break tradition. As the video loads, enjoy a slice. (While there’s no one pushing you forward in line, maybe another slice, too.) It can be delivery or homemade, like this pizza that lets everyone easily customize their toppings on Naan Flatbread, but once you’ve devoured it, pull on the VR goggles and throw your hands in the air.  

For an option your whole family will appreciate, make this Hot Pizza Dip that uses sour cream, cream cheese, and plenty of shredded cheese that everyone can dip into as you watch an episode on the science behind rollercoasters. 

Ice Cream Breaks 

A big part of the fair is walking from one end of the fairgrounds to the other throughout the day. And nothing cools you off between laps like a scoop of ice cream.  

While you won’t be hitting your daily step goal every 2 hours, you’ll find plenty to do, making your way from livestreams of competitions to the kitchen, laundry room, and—wait, why are you standing in front of the hall closet again? Take a break with homemade ice cream. This Blueberry Buttermilk Ice Cream mixes the tartness of blueberries, the tanginess of buttermilk, and the spice of gingersnaps for a scoop that will have you raving about your great day at the online fair. For a classic scoop, take a bite of peach ice cream. This old-fashioned milk recipe will have you happily reclining in your seat as you debate different quilting stitches while browsing through the craft entries. 

Once you find the milk recipes perfect for the fair this year, don’t forget to share your creations with us. 

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