The 3 “Worst” Summer Sun Problems

Summer is the favorite season for outdoor activities. Normally, with evening baseball games, outdoor concerts, and trips to the lake, the summer months are filled with events for every day. Even now, outdoor plans fill your calendar, though the number of attendees may be drastically smaller. With the fully-booked summer plans, though, comes the summer heat. And that’s just the worst. Here are the top problems thanks to the summer sun.  


Even when you remember to grab SPF 115 (ok, probably not that high), the sun manages to find unprotected skin to turn bright red.

Wait, you have to use sunscreen, not just own it?

Someone grab the butter, because not only do you look like a freshly boiled lobster, you feel like one, too. Every move hurts. You become aware of parts of your body you never noticed before when any pressure whatsoever is applied. Despite this, you’ll still go outdoors, though maybe this time you’ll be more aware of what skin isn’t covered.  

(Some dermatologists suggest using milk for sunburn relief. If you have to be a lobster, being a buttered lobster is a good idea!) 


Sweating it out is satisfying for workouts, but not so much for a lunch in the patio of a restaurant. You literally leave an impression at each place you visit—of your thighs on the seat and your back on the backrest. It means you’re staying cool, but does the process have to be so unpleasant? 

Melting Ice Cream 

To beat the heat, kids look to frozen treats. Scoops of frozen yogurt or ice cream are a delicious cooling method air conditioning is too far away from the action to stave off the heat. The summer sun strikes again when it begins to melt the cool relief before you can eat it. You feel what is supposed to be semi-solid melt down your fingers and to the ground. Or, even worse, you are unaware of the coming disaster until the thwap of the scooped dairy goodness hitting the ground reaches your ears. The sun is truly cruel for doing such a thing. The only way to beat the sun is to enjoy your scoop quickly and immediately. You make get a brain freeze, but take that, heat! 

The sun is something we all deal with to enjoy our summer events. Though the sun gives the great weather that inspires our favorite events, be prepared for the moments it tries to ruin.  

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