The Dairy Truth Is Out Now

Are you a documentary geek? Well, documentary geeks rejoice! The Dairy Truth, The Dairy Alliance’s latest documentary, is now available.  

If you have ever wondered what life is like on the modern farm or how dairy farmers are striving toward a greenhouse-gas-neutral industry, this half-hour short is for you.

The Dairy Truth follows dairy industry leaders and environmental experts as they review innovations and technology the industry is leveraging to become greener.

The Dairy Truth highlights Georgia’s Leatherbrook Holsteins, a Georgia dairy farm that is leading the way in dairy farming innovation as the first dairy farm in the state of Georgia to implement its own methane digester, and its owner, Adam Graft. Adam highlights the farm’s new methane digester, which collects cow manure to create power for the farm and surrounding community, but that is not all you will learn. Discover the importance of a cow’s diet, where their feed comes from, how cows are milked, and much more. 

Watch interviews with dairy sustainability expert and greenhouse gas guru Frank Mitloehner, dairy farmer Adam Graft, agronomist Jeromy Roberts, and dairy nutritionist Matt Mitchell as they describe the environmentally friendly practices on US dairy farms today. 

So tonight, pour a glass of cold milk and stream The Dairy Truth on YouTube

Thirsty for more? Keep an eye out for more looks at dairy farmers’ efforts to create a more sustainable industry. Are you are someone who loves all documentary subjects, from learning about political candidates to taking a deep dive into today’s businesses? If you could choose, you would end each day tucked in on the couch with a buttery bowl of popcorn and your latest find playing. It’s time to watch The Dairy Truth today.

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