The Easiest Comfort Foods to Make at Home

Be honest, you dream about your next meal hours in advance. Your mind wanders to craving favorites, recipes your mom used to make, and comfort foods you can’t deny yourself. New twists fill your mind as you plan a mouthwatering meal. What stops these urges from being acted upon are the usual deterrents: a lack of time for preparation and cooking. But you shouldn’t always deny yourself the pleasure of your favorite meals. Use these easy recipes to make the comfort foods that will live up to the morning’s daydreams without the additional time. 

Give Me a Pizza That 

Pizza is a food we all turn to after a recipe-gone-wrong. Give yourself more excuses to enjoy it by making a pizza at home with ingredients you have on hand. Maybe you’ll make a roasted veggie pizza that includes plenty of gooey cheese or you’ll build a supreme pizza that gives you the satisfaction of your favorite delivery pizza without the grease. 

Screaming for Ice Cream 

Ice cream is a treat that can’t be beaten, regardless of the weather outside. We all love it and the many forms it takes. When the craving for something cold and sweet hits you, put together this farm-fresh vanilla ice cream. There’s no chill time. Just have your ice cream maker ready to go. As for why we picked vanilla for this comfort food, it’s a great base, providing a flavor versatile enough to add any of your favorite mix-ins to or to pair with a warm slice of pie for an indulgent dessert. 

Southeast Dairy Association - ricotta veggie stuffed griller

Grilled Cheese for Me 

Grilled cheese is a classic that brings comfort through its simplicity. You can eat it on its own or dip it into a bowl of warm soup to further complement the cheesy goodness. And while you can make a traditional grilled cheese, you can also heat up a meal that could pass as a restaurant specialty. This Herbed Ricotta and Veggie Grilled Cheese Sandwich provides flavorful bite after flavorful bite with its sourdough bread, roasted vegetables, and seasoning that bring the taste of Italy to your plate. It’s a comfort and a chance to treat yourself. 

Southeast Dairy Association - cheddar drop biscuits with sausage

Biscuits and Gravy Dreams 

Waking up on a Sunday morning to biscuits and gravy instead of a bowl of Saturday’s grits is a moment of pure joy. It doesn’t matter if you’re 8 or 80. And another beauty of this entry is that, as a breakfast food, it’s a meal that can be served at any time of the day: for breakfast, for brunch, or for brinner (dinfast?). While the recipe provides tips on how to make it lactose-free, substitute your favorite whole milk for a Southern favorite that couldn’t be easier to make. 

Southeast Dairy Association - Easy Creamy Mac and Cheese

Macaroni and Cheese, Please 

The warmth of macaroni and cheese is irresistible. Enjoyed as a side or entrée, mac and cheese gives you double the comfort by combining pasta with cheese. Instead of reaching for the boxed stuff, make this one-pot Easy, Creamy Mac and Cheese that can serve the entire family. 

With these recipes on hand, indulge in some of your cravings for your favorite comfort foods. For more ideas, check out The Dairy Alliance’s recipe section

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