The Importance of Snacking: Add in Dairy Foods

Dairy Foods for snacking


Are you an avid member of the snack pack, or one of those individuals who always have a snack on hand when hunger strikes? Though you may receive light teasing, it is a satisfying decision that leaves you full and energized for your next task. Make sure to include dairy foods in your snacking.

Snacks are more than a moment of indulgence in your daily routine. Snacks are an important way to obtain energy and nutrients that your body needs throughout the day. Although the occasional less-than-healthy snack—a pre-dinner dessert—is fine, choosing primarily nutrient-dense foods is a good step towards wellness, as including snacks in your diet is a great way to get many of the vitamins and minerals you need.  

But it is important to be conscious about your snack choices and when you eat them. For example, snacking out of boredom can lead to overeating, while snacking right before a meal may mean you eat less and need additional snacks later in the day. Only snack when you are truly hungry, and instead of waiting to satiate your hunger for an hours-away mealtime, eat a small snack to tide you over when needed.

Snack with Dairy Foods

Also consider what your snack is. Choosing snacks with protein will help reduce hunger between meals by making you feel fuller after eating. Protein is essential for metabolic functions, maintaining lean muscle mass, providing the body with energy, and much more. Just one 8-ounce serving of milk has 8 grams of high-quality protein. Further, when a carbohydrate-rich food is paired with a source of protein, the digestion process slows and you get sustained energy, helping you feel your best. 

When choosing snacks, the inclusion of dairy foods is a great choice. A glass of creamy milk—including chocolate milk—is an easy, tasty option at snack time. You can also enjoy fresh fruit with a yogurt dip or a handful of nuts and cheese cubes. For tasty options, browse our easy-to-make dairy recipes. Savory or sweet, you can find your new favorite snack using dairy foods. 

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