The Most Popular Southeast Ice Cream Flavors

ice cream scoops in glass bowl

Are you feeling isolated by the polarizing issue of the best ice cream flavor? You have to pick. Saying Neapolitan is an amazing creation for combining three ice cream flavors into one is avoiding the conflict. The discussion of chocolate versus vanilla is bad enough, but with so many flavors, it’s difficult to find someone with similar tastes. Here are our region’s most popular flavors according to a new study by Workwise. Does your state have your back or do your taste buds require you to cross that state line?

Alabama: Butter Pecan

Keep growing those pecans because Butter Pecan will never go out of style. Rich and with a little bit of crunch, Alabama found the perfect flavor for their chunky ice cream cravings. Now they have to agree on a pronunciation.

Georgia, Kentucky and Mississippi: Cookies and Cream

Looks like our region has a sweet tooth! The study revealed Cookies and Cream as the nation’s favorite flavor by state, and these three Southern states agree. We just have one question: are you supposed to pair a glass of milk with each scoop?

North Carolina: Peppermint

It’s like Christmas every day! North Carolina is searching for all the Peppermint ice cream they can find.

South Carolina and Tennessee: Strawberry

Southeast Dairy Association - strawberry buttermilk ice cream

A summer treat with a summer fruit, South Carolina and Tennessee can agree that Strawberry ice cream is the best flavor for a hot day.

Virginia: Tiger Tail

Tiger Tail? It isn’t a regional American treat like Superman ice cream. Tiger Tail is a popular flavor in Canada, but it hasn’t made a huge impact on this side of the border. Apparently, Tiger Tail is an orange-flavored ice cream with a black licorice swirl that gives the treat a resemblance to a tiger’s stripes. The people in Virginia somehow discovered the treat, but shouldn’t this be more popular in the home state of the Auburn Tigers?

Looking for something different than the rest of your state? For fun ice cream flavors you can make at home this National Ice Cream Month, check out our dessert recipes.

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