There’s a Board for That

woman working on laptop drinking coffee

Pinterest is an obsession.   

Seriously.  The warnings of how staring at a screen influences you describes the Pinterest urge. Whether you are in your early twenties or married with children, Pinterest will have you planning a wedding, designing a nursery, and trying parenting hacks with recipes and exercises for every step of the way. You didn’t think you were at that stage, but you are now, at least according to your internet history. 

And so you create boards for organizing closets, painting furniture, upcycling milk cartons, and more. The plans for these projects begin as you consider your budgets and remaining floor space. You have the board and the intentions, but will you actually try the ideas? The project might immediately stall.  

On the one hand, Pinterest Fails and similar compilations fill the internet. So many have sought turning that Pinterest board dream into a reality, but so many have failed in tragically hilarious ways. The chance of being next is not encouraging.  

On the other hand, Pinterest is filled with so many ideas. It fills you with inspiration and makes your life a little better. After all, that one chicken casserole recipe became a weeknight favorite. You’re not pretending to be an architect or pastry chef when you pin, so your attempt may be successful.   

Try making the new cake recipe or organizing your pantry. If your buttercream icing doesn’t turn out as thick as you want or your new storage system doesn’t hold half of what you hoped it would, you still went for your best life instead of wishing it’d happen.   

If you’re ready to conquer your Pinterest boards, check out  The Dairy Alliance for ideas. Pinterest Fail or not, remember to share your creations!  

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