This December, Remember Milk for Your Immunity

milk for immunity

Americans have been more aware of their immune health in recent years. Whether it is sending the kids back to school or spending the holidays with your family, no one wants to get sick and miss out. Keeping our immune systems healthy is the first line of defense. Choosing dairy foods, such as milk for immunity, as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle is one way to get the nutrients you need for normal immune function.  

The immune system is the body’s first defense from outside attacks. Stress management and mental well-being, regular exercise, adequate sleep, and a healthy diet help support your immunity.  

A healthy immune system helps lower the risk of getting a cold or the flu. While none of us want to get sick, there also isn’t time to be sick. A healthy immune system is important to keeping us well for our busy schedules, and part of that is choosing real milk. 

Immunity and nutrition are interconnected. Nutrition supplies and replenishes our immune cells with essential nutrients that help them work. Immune cells use a lot of energy and nutrients as they defend the body, so they require a constant supply to continue protecting the body. 

The nutrients in dairy foods play an important role in immunity. Real cow’s milk offers a unique combination of 13 essential nutrients, including vitamin A, vitamin D, zinc, selenium, and protein that are vital to supporting a healthy immune system. 

Milk for Immunity

In addition to your dietary habits, remember these three tips as you focus on your immune health this December. 

Adapt for Your Active Lifestyle 

When the cold chill numbs your nose and toes, it can be challenging to stay active outside of the race in the deli for the last Christmas ham. Adapt to an indoor exercise routine you can do during breaks in your busy day.     

Get Enough Sleep 

He knows when you are sleeping and he knows when you’re awake. You remind the kids to get to sleep early during the winter, so take your own advice. Make sleep a priority during the holiday rush so you don’t have to miss out on the seasonal fun. Aim for six to eight hours of sleep to help your productivity and immunity.   

Get That Vitamin D 

While you happily plan to “get some vitamin D” in the summer, the winter cold makes time in the outside sunshine less appealing. Bundle up and head outdoors for a daily walk and choose foods that are sources of vitamin D. An easy way to do this is to consume 3 servings of real milk a day. Milk for immunity is the way to go.

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