This is a GIANT Milkshake

Milkshakes come in all flavors and thicknesses, but there is one milkshake that is defined by the size of its huge additions. Giant milkshakes tower over treats due to being topped with other desserts like giant cookies, toasted marshmallows, and brownies. These creations create quite the buzz wherever they’re sold. That said, it’s easier to make a giant milkshake than it looks. You simply need to create your flavored milk recipe and complements. After that, design! 

First, design the glass. 

Seriously, the first step is arts and crafts. To design your clear glass, add a trail of syrup or honey to the inside walls of your glass for a drizzled appearance. This can be flavors added to your milkshake if you wish. Around the outside mouth of it, generously cover with buttercream. This acts as a base for your wild design. You can add crushed candy, sugar pearls, or whatever sweets you can attach.  

Second, make your milkshake. 

At the center of every giant milkshake is a flavor of your choice. Plain vanilla, strawberry, and banana or whatever you can imagine, if milk and ice cream are involved, your flavored milk recipe will be amazing as a giant milkshake. Blend together your whole milk, ice cream, and flavors of choice. Create your shake and pour it into the glass, adding extra scoops of ice cream if it’s not thick enough. 

Third, stack EVERYTHING. 

Once your glass is decorated and full of a yummy milkshake, set a base of whipped cream and begin stacking your design, a layer of whip cream between each new addition. You can add cookie crumbles, cotton candy, or even a corner of cake! Make sure to stick a straw into the milkshake before your layering gets too high.  

Fourth, snap a pic and dig in! 

Make sure there is a record of your giant masterpiece. Once you’ve shared pictures, enjoy your milkshake. Are you someone who will enjoy each piece of the giant milkshake on its own or someone who will mix it all into the glass? When it comes to giant milkshakes, there are no wrong answers. 

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