Three Ways to Break Free this Spring

woman drinking milk with bag of groceries on brick background

With long winters that keep you stuck indoors, spring is eagerly anticipated. The sun will finally appear in the sky and—even better—you can enjoy the world without a thick coat and gloves. You’re not sure yet what you’ll do, but you’ll somehow spend time in the great outdoors. 

When the warm weather appears each year, there is one slight problem: you never know what to do! You are so excited about the idea of spring that you don’t think about what you will do when it’s real. Don’t let spring surprise you again. Now that warmer weather is approaching, here are some ways to escape the house this spring. 

Join a team 

Part of your resolution each year is to form a healthy lifestyle. It’s a great goal until it’s time to exercise. Give yourself a push and join a community sports team. You’ll have scheduled practices that will get you outside and moving. Pick from options like softball, soccer, or even a local running club. You’ll be able to check off two of your goals this year—a personal record!

Be mindful of what you eat after exercising. After a tough practice, be sure to drink chocolate milk to speed up your recovery, which helps heal muscles and replenish nutrients you lost in workouts. You don’t want to end your season early because your body is rebelling against exercise. 

Adventure on a Hike 

It’s been so long since you’ve seen the outside world, spend the spring exploring it! Wake up one weekend and go for a hike. Unless you’re hoping for a day alone with your thoughts, take a friend. The two of you can struggle on your journey, taking extra breaks because yes, you’re fine, but your friend obviously needs a moment of rest. 

Find a spot midday for a nice picnic. Pack the standard water, sandwiches and sides, but put a twist on your meal. Make a special dip for your chips or add gouda cheese to your normal BLT for a BKGT Griller. With so much exercise there and back, don’t let your fancy picnic be ruined by food going bad! Make sure your lunch is in a well-insulated pack, guaranteeing you’ll look forward to the next hike.  

Grocery Shop Somewhere Unexpected 

A fun way to shop in the warmer months is to go to open-air markets. Plants, crafts, and more are available throughout the stalls. As if you need a reason to shop, you’ll find something unique while helping a local business.  

If you have a packed schedule, wake up early on a weekend and do part of your grocery run at a local farmers’ market. You’ll be able to enjoy the weather and explore the stalls full of fresh food. You never know what great find will be there. You may come home with a box of produce– or a plant you’ll accidentally kill by the end of the month.

Whatever you decide to do, you’ve imagined a day out since the weather first dropped below freezing. Don’t let the spring weather end before you get to enjoy it. Make a plan and finally escape the indoors.

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