Three Ways to Celebrate Singles Awareness Day

three smiling women at restaurant with coffee

With February comes the best day of the year—Singles Awareness Day! It might sound strange, but what is there to hate about this day? On February 15, the ads for flower deliveries and jewelry stop and the chocolate clearance sales begin. Everyone has secretly waited for this since New Year’s Day. With the hype of Valentine’s Day over, Singles Awareness Day is the time to celebrate without the stress of planning a romantic date or finding the perfect gift. February 15is the day to use Valentine’s Day discounts for a stress-free holiday. Here are three inexpensive ways to treat yourself and proudly celebrate Singles Awareness Day.

Friends’ Night

Hot Chocolate Whipped Cream

You’re single, not lonely– bring your friends together for the night! Enjoy a night with the group and spend Singles Awareness Day with the people that make you feel important. Meet for dinner to catch up on the latest news and don’t question how you all buy socks and coffee afterwards. End the night crowded around the kitchen counter for ice cream topped with Hot Chocolate Whipped Cream for a sweet ending to your day.

The No-Stress Movie Night

Celebrating doesn’t mean you need a party. Take a break! Head for the couch and rent that movie you’ve spent months waiting to release. (Wait much longer and someone is sure to spoil the ending.) If you somehow watch Friends for the fifth time instead, no one will judge. 

You can’t forget to grab the snacks! Treating yourself doesn’t require feeling guilty later. Reach for the classic movie snack with a bowl of popcorn or head to the oven for some easy low-fat Baked Mozzarella Sticks with marinara sauce. Yummy and healthy, you’ll impatiently wait for an excuse for another movie night.

No Rest but a Quick Treat

If you feel like you’re always on the move and don’t have the time for a night of celebration, take a moment for yourself. Give your mind and body a chance to prepare for the next goal. Pick up a mini bag of now-discounted candy and head to the kitchen for some Chai Coffee with steamed milk sure to keep you alert and happy. Once it brews, you have two ways to treat yourself while shrinking that to-do list. That is one efficient plan!

Whether it’s a night at home or an adventure with friends, Singles Awareness Day is all about you, so celebrate in a way that’s right for you. For more recipes, head over to for healthy dairy treats.

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