It’s Time for a Pajama Day: Don’t Forget Breakfast with Dairy Foods

breakfast with dairy foods

Taxes are in, the end-of-school-year events are crossed off on the calendar, and there is another round of due dates coming up soon. Take a day to catch your breath and not worry about small things like putting on uncomfortable pants. Instead, treat yourself to a pajama day and don’t forget to breakfast with dairy foods. 

Pajama days don’t have to be filled with s’mores, pillow forts, pillow fights that fill the room with feathers, or any other visions from childhood (though it certainly would be fun). A pajama day can be as relaxed as you wish, just with the inclusion of a comfortable set of PJs and a thick throw blanket. Find your favorite pair of pajamas, pull on your warmest socks, and spend the day surrounded by the pajama-day comforts of childhood. Just don’t get so relaxed that you fall asleep! 

Cross Off Tasks in Comfort 

Do you need to run the dishwasher or sort the laundry? Play classic rock and knock it out in between old-school dance moves. Do you need a grocery run? Take advantage of those first-time delivery promos and send your list off for someone else. Have you put off making appointments because of hectic days? Grab the phone and the planner to submit times now. There is something about working in pajama pants that makes it all easier. Cross off the everyday tasks that have been piling up so you can enjoy a day of relaxation while feeling accomplished and unbothered. 

Grits Breakfast Bowl

Choose Breakfast with Dairy Foods

While you are in your comfy PJs, enjoy a lazy Saturday morning-style breakfast all day long. Start the day with a stack of blueberry pancakes and syrup served with a glass of milk. Milk is one of the best beverages for hydration, even better than water or sports drinks, making it a great addition to a day focused on recovery and self-care. Indulge in French toast for lunch served with fresh fruit. Take a break for a Southern staple, grits, mixed with egg, bacon, and cheese. Finish the day with a savory bite of biscuits and gravy and a side of hash browns. We love a good brunch or brinner, so make the most of your pajama day and enjoy your breakfast favorites. 

Movies, Board Games, and More 

Put time aside on your pajama day for fun with the family. Grab a stack of cards for an easy game to play as everyone teases each other’s strategies and choices in footed PJs. Stream your favorite movie before bed, making sure you are well-stocked in throw pillows and warm blankets fresh from the dryer. Bring your loved ones together for a chance to reconnect and relax. 

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